DIWA is an abbreviation for “Diving Instructor World Association” and has been in existence for more than 40 years.

oneDear Divers & Dive Instructors

DIWA is critical as its members and its own art/way to think about its members and their training.  DIWA is independent, but is committed to its members.  DIWA has concrete expectations when it comes to Training and Customer Service, it repects critique and controversial views.  DIWA is considerate about Training practices and Dive Instrucotrs with alternative Instruction methods, but pays close attention that all DIWA security regulations are met. DIWA is a cooperation between qualified, and responsible Dive Instructors, that have made it their goal, to develop and maintain standard global Training practices and communicates that to its members. DIWA certification is well accepted internationally ! Besides the standard Certification Levels:

  • Open Water Diver
  • Master Scuba Diver
  • Chief Scuba Diver
  • Team Leader

DIWA offers permanent series of Special Courses for Dive Instructors & Divers:

  • First Aid
  • CPR
  • Oxygen sharing
  • Underwater photography
  • Archaeology
  • Cave to Mountain Lake diving
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Seminars for Compressors and Diving equipment and technologies

Regular DIWA Meetings offer interesting Facts, Contributions and Presentations for Dive Instructors and Dive experts,who are considering to certify for Dive courses. We highly recommend that you become a member of DIWA. We particpated in the first Oxygen circulatory equipment courses in cooperation of the German Armed Forces departments organized for DIWA Dive instructors. DIWA is always here for you! DIWA reports about the modern constructive Training methods.  DIWA engages itself to constantly maintain and enforce those training standards. DIWA acts Internationally and does not compete with national associations.  DIWA compensates the Divesport across national boundaries. DIWA is politically neutral, innovative and creative when it comes to constructive Training practices and methods. There is more! That you can find out by becoming a member and joining one of our Dive Instructor meetings.

Diwa News

Neue Urkunden, New Diploma, Nuevas Diplomas,Nuovo Certificacione

Posted on 31 Oct 2014
In The Next Days, for you in the intern login of webpage, In den kommenden Tagen fuer Euch im Internen Bereich, In algunos Dias en la parte interna del Sitio para Ustedes. en poco giorno en il parte i

Ein Tauchgang von Aziz, one Dive from Aziz,theDIWA Director TURKEY

Posted on 29 Oct 2014
Aziz Yiğitler PASCR ile 18/35 , 25/25 , EAN 50 ve OXYGEN gazlarının karıştırılması ile ayrıca 21.5/30 , 37.5/12.5 ve EAN 75 gazları da elde edilerek toplam 7 gaz kullanılarak gerçekleştirilen dalışta

Gruß von der sonnigen, wenn auch kalten Ostsee

Posted on 28 Oct 2014
Hiermal fuer alle eine email die ich von unserem DIWA Direktor Deutschland Nord bekommen habe. Das ist warum wir die DIWA anders sind als die anderen, wir sind eine Familie bei uns hat jeder was zu sa

Instructor Meeting on 23.January 2015

Posted on 28 Oct 2014
DIWA International Instructor Meeting on Day 23/01/2014 at our Booth No.3 F 83 at the EXPO Boot 2015 in Germany Duesseldorf. After the Meeting Dinner whit all Instructors together, DIWA Internationale

Information for the DIWA Instructors in Iran

Posted on 28 Oct 2014
The DIWA Director MIDDLE EAST, Mr. Pegman Nourouzi will be in the next Weeks at his Office in Iran, Please all DIWA Instructors Iran, how need same info about new DIWA ID-Cards and more contact the DI

Welcome to the new DIWA Instructor Ali Vahabzadeh

Posted on 28 Oct 2014
Ali Vahabzadeh, is the new DIWA Open Water Scuba Instructor in Iran N° 4018. Ali Vahabzadeh, ist unser neuer DIWA Open Water Scuba Instructor im Iran N° 4018. Ali Vahabzadeh, es un nuevo Instructor de

Aziz Yigitler the DIWA Director TURKEY

Posted on 26 Oct 2014
Here is the DIWA Director from Turkey on his Diving Job. Hier Taucht unser DIWA Direktor von der Tuerkei. Aca esta buceando nuestro Director de la DIWA en Turkia.

This is Stojan at his Job, DIWA Director Serbien

Posted on 26 Oct 2014
Diving Course MSD. In Serbia, Here same Pictures

Happy Birthday Edy Wiget DIWA Director SWITZERLAND

Posted on 24 Oct 2014
Alles gute zum Geburtstag lieber Edy von allen DIWA Instructoren. Feliz Cumpleanos Edy de todo los Instructores de la DIWA. Auguri Edy, de tutti Instrutore della DIWA. Happt Birthday Edy from all DIWA