DIWA is an abbreviation for “Diving Instructor World Association” and has been in existence for more than 30 years.

oneDear Divers & Dive Instructors

DIWA is critical as its members and its own art/way to think about its members and their training.  DIWA is independent, but is committed to its members.  DIWA has concrete expectations when it comes to Training and Customer Service, it repects critique and controversial views.  DIWA is considerate about Training practices and Dive Instrucotrs with alternative Instruction methods, but pays close attention that all DIWA security regulations are met.

DIWA is a cooperation between qualified, and responsible Dive Instructors, that have made it their goal, to develop and maintain standard global Training practices and communicates that to its members.

DIWA certification is well accepted internationally !

Besides the standard Certification Levels:

  • Open Water Diver
  • Master Scuba Diver
  • Chief Scuba Diver
  • Team Leader

DIWA offers permanent series of Special Courses for Dive Instructors & Divers:

  • First Aid
  • CPR
  • Oxygen sharing
  • Underwater photography
  • Archaeology
  • Cave to Mountain Lake diving
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Seminars for Compressors and Diving equipment and technologies

Regular DIWA Meetings offer interesting Facts, Contributions and Presentations for Dive Instructors and Dive experts,who are considering to certify for Dive courses.

We highly recommend that you become a member of DIWA. We particpated in the first Oxygen circulatory equipment courses in cooperation of the German Armed Forces departments organized for DIWA Dive instructors.

DIWA is always here for you!

DIWA reports about the modern constructive Training methods.  DIWA engages itself to constantly maintain and enforce those training standards. DIWA acts Internationally and does not compete with national associations.  DIWA compensates the Divesport across national boundaries. DIWA is politically neutral, innovative and creative when it comes to constructive Training practices and methods.

There is more! That you can find out by becoming a member and joining one of our Dive Instructor meetings.

Diwa News

Happy Birthday Matthias Lang Direktor Deutschland-Sued

Posted on 13 Sep 2014
Alles gute zum Geburtstag an unseren DIWA Direktor Deutschland Sued. Matthias Lang. Happy Birthday to aur DIWA Director Germany South Matthias Lang. Feliz Cumpleanos para nuestro Director de Diwa en A

DIWA Unterwegs

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Diwa kommt zu Dir nach Hause, lerne mit Freunden zusammen Tauchen.

DIWA Nachrichten,News,Noticias

Posted on 10 Sep 2014
Wir DIWA informiert:Die DIWA Nachrichten sind raus an Eure emails.The DIWA News ar aut to your emails.La Noticias de la DIWA ya están en tu email

DIWA Messe Hotel Boot 2015

Posted on 10 Sep 2014

Welcome Giuditta Bonetti, new DIWA Instructor in Italy

Posted on 09 Sep 2014
Willkommen neue DIWA Tauchlehrerin in Italien. Giuditta Bonetti, DIWA OWS InstructorinNuova Instruttore de Subaquei en Italia della DIWA.Neue DIWA Tauchlehrerin in Italien.New DIWA Instructor in Italy

Wir Begruessen neue DIWA Tauchlehrer

Posted on 08 Sep 2014
Neue Instructoren:Andreas Richter, OWSIAndrè Thinibel, Assistant InstrcutorDr. Thomas Wätzold, OWSIRobert Röske, MSI Im Namen alle Kollegen, herzlich Willkommen in DIWA In the Name of all Instructors,

DIWA News September 2014 fuer Taucher und TL.s

Posted on 08 Sep 2014
  Herzlich Willkommen zu den DIWA News September 2014.   In dieser News Ausgabe möchten wir Euch unserer weltweit tätigen Directoren und Repräsentanten vorstellen.   Sie beraten Euch gerne bei der Aus

Werbung,advertising,publicidad, pubblicita.

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Moechtest Du fuer Deine Tauchschule,Tauchshop oder Reisebuero auf der Boot 2015 werbung machen.? Wenn ja wir bieten Dir die moeglichkeit, aber nu wenn Anmeldung bis zum 15 September.2014 erfalgt danac

DIWA Nachrichten, DIWA News, DIWA Noticias,

Posted on 04 Sep 2014
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