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A DIWA membership is so much more than just an association membership. DIWA offers its associated diving instructors and diving schools many services that are particularly tailored for activities in commercial diving. Tolerance and development are more important to DIWA than any rulesets and stiff organizational structures could ever be. The following informs diving instructors who are interested in membership about a selection of interesting topics:

Traditions & Modern Developmen

Traditions – Being the first international organization for commercial diving instructors founded in 1972, DIWA looks back on forty years of history and traditions. Many of DIWA’s diving standards (training criteria for divers and those who train diving instructors) have served as foundation for the development of training guidelines of other associations and diving organizations.

DIWA has been a pioneer in the field of mixed gas diving for sport divers and became the first association to provide training in mixed gas diving and rebreathers.

Modern Development – Despite the awareness of its traditional background, DIWA keeps developing steadily. DIWA approaches new diving trends open-mindedly and makes effort to follow new developments as well as utilizing the newly emerging opportunities for the benefit of its members. Instead of persevering on its traditional structures, DIWA proves its tolerance by openly responding to discussions and changes as well as staying in close contact with its members. It is DIWA’s main interest to create an ideal surrounding for its members and to support their professional progress in order for them to be able to earn a living with professional diving in the long run.

Education and Training of Diving Instructors

DIWA supports the idea that the career of a diving instructor is closely connected to his or her education, training, and experience. DIWA diving instructors usually have long-standing expertise in commercial diving and pass on their knowledge to those who participate in the according Instructor Training Course (ITC).

Advanced divers aiming for a career as diving sport professionals are just as welcome here at DIWA as other diving instructors who intend to join us through a DIWA Crossover Seminar. The different DIWA diving instructor stages are:

DIWA Assistant Instructor (in accordance with ISO 24802-1)

Inspection Entitlement: Basic Diver

Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI) (in accordance with ISO 24802-2)

Inspection Entitlement: Basic Diver, Open Water Diver (OWD) and additionally acquired special entitlements.

Master Scuba Instructor (MSI)

Inspection Entitlement: All stages, including Master Scuba Diver (MSD) and additionally acquired special entitlements.

Chief Scuba Instructor (CSI)

Inspection Entitlement: All stages, including Chief Scuba Diver (CSD) and additionally acquired special entitlements.

Course Director (CD)

Inspection Entitlement: Instructor and Inspector of divers and diving instructors up to CSI and special training in the areas of the Course Director’s expertise. He or she is authorized to organize and host Scuba Instructor Courses in consultation with the HQ.

Teacher of Underwater Instructor (ToUWI College Instructor)

Inspection Entitlement: Instructor and Inspector of divers and diving instructors up to CSI and special training in the areas of the course director’s expertise. He or she is authorized to organize and host Scuba Instructor Courses in consultation with the HQ.

  • DIWA will provide its members with the necessary literature to reach the main certification levels.
  • DIWA will introduce an online certification system, offering registered diving instructors the opportunity to reach new certification levels in special online courses.
  • DIWA will offer its members different training seminars in different areas of expertise, partially with the option to obtain further inspection entitlements.
Joining DIWA by crossover

DIWA ITC (Instructor Training Course): Prices according to the responsible DIWA course instructors’ individual announcements. Dates of DIWA ITCs are announced on DIWA’s official website.

Annual Fee for DIWA Membership (Diving Instructors): 260 EUR

Attention: DIWA does not charge extra fees for diving schools!

Certification Fee: 25 EUR per certificate

Registered and active DIWA scuba instructors are granted access to the internal DIWA instructor area where teaching materials, presentations, and other teaching supplies are stored for all certification levels and special entitlements, in order to successfully hold DIWA diving seminars (including special courses). All material can be accessed and used free of charge.

Active Support System

The association’s motto is “DIWA – Always At Your Side” and suggests that DIWA supports its associated diving instructors and diving schools in many different ways:

DIWA Retirement Plan

DIWA is the only diving association to offer its members the opportunity of additional retirement provisions. For every qualification record issued to a DIWA diving instructor a small amount of money is deposited into a personal pension fund (optional). The scuba instructor deposits 5 USD per certification into the fund, while DIWA contributes the same amount from its own financial means. The pension fund is a personal account to which only the scuba instructor has access.

When a member turns sixty, DIWA starts paying out the personal pension fund to its members as a monthly pension supplement. The amount of money paid depends on the number of years of membership and the number of issued qualification certificates.

DIWA Emergency Fund

DIWA supports its associated diving schools in cases of emergencies for which it has special means at hand. Whether a member suffers from a defect compressor in Canada, a temporary downturn in Germany, or storm damage in Thailand: DIWA helps its members immediately with materials, on-the-spot-support, and even with interest-free loans.


Associated DIWA diving instructors and diving schools are given the option to introduce themselves and their services on the official DIWA website to reach target groups in large numbers.

DIWA advises and supports its members in terms of effective advertisement.

DIWA presents not only itself but also all associated diving schools on the annual events BOOT in Düsseldorf, Germany, the ADEX in Singapore and the DEMA in Florida, United States of America.