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DIWA - Diving Instructor World AssociationDIWA, the "Diving Instructor World Association“, is an international organization for commercial diving instructors that was founded in 1972 with its headquarters in Germany.

In 1970, only sports clubs in Germany offered diver training. Commercial diving instructors had no opportunity of joining an existing organization. Shortly after DIWA was founded in the Southern German city Freiburg, it turned out that Germany’s diving instructors weren’t the only ones facing the named problem. The United States, on the other hand, had been training divers in commercial diving schools for quite a while.

The standards of the Diving Instructor World Association apply for technical and commercial diving. Their contents comply with the requirements codified in the European norms EN 14153 and EN 14413, as well as the ISO norms ISO 24801 und ISO 24802 ratified in 2007. Las normas de la DIWA están adecuadas para el buceo técnico y el buceo comercial. Su contenido cumple con los requisitos de la norma europea EN 14153, EN 14413 y desde el 2007 con las reglas ISO 24801 e ISO 24802.

Since October 13, 2013 Wilfried Dickes has been the new owner of DIWA International.

DIWA now follows a new line that increasingly focuses on the interests and needs of its members. DIWA is in fact the first organization in this field to set up internal emergency funds (immediate support for associated diving instructors and diving schools in case of financial emergencies) and to support its members in terms of pension plans.

DIWA encourages its members to participate in seminars and will offer several special training seminars for diving instructors, starting in 2015.

In 2015, DIWA started awarding people who have shown outstanding efforts in the name of professional diving. Those DIWA Awards are given away in the categories Diver Training, Journalism, Photography, and Information Technology. Each year’s winners are announced on the annual BOOT in Düsseldorf, Germany. 2015’s award winner are (amongst others):