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Dive Show Friedrichshafen inday 20-23 of September 2018

DIWA will by at this very importend Dive Show, and we like to invite you to by part of this show, for more information please send mail to

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A Message from DIWA International

A Message from DIWA International

11 Jan 2018

Happy New Year! Diving Instructor World Association (DIWA) is proud to announce the exciting news for whole DIWA group that the ownership of DIWA Asia Pacific has been successful transferred into an investor of a holding company based in China. This company will be 100% own the DIWA operation in India, Russia, China, Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and the rest of Asia Pacific counties.

The diving industry has been blooming in Asia in the past ten years, not only the number of divers increased significantly, but also the demand of diving professionals obviously cannot be neglected. The diving market in Asia is indeed an important target for all diving related groups.

The transition for DIWA group is quite positive for the association, since the new hope for DIWA groups is to develop business further in Asia Pacific area, hence to train more outstanding talents in diving industry in Asia. The new ownership will improve the advantage for the whole DIWA group and will assist DIWA Asia to be exposed in a brand-new area with support from DIWA International.

DIWA is the worldwide association of diving instructors, with 46 years in diving history, with responsible and trained teachers whose mission is to transmit, at a global level, their instructional guidelines both for the apprentices and for the future professionals of diving as a sport. The training and certification of diving given by a DIWA Instructor are world-renowned and guarantees a safe and ecologically conscious diving practice.

At DIWA we take care of every diving course personally, because we not only want diver to learn, but also to enjoy the maximum with all the security and professionalism that the experience we have. And in 2018, DIWA still commits to the same principle and mission, and will continue growing in each region worldwide.

In the future for Asia Pacific operation, please kindly contact DIWA Asia head office (DIWA Holding Ltd), email: or

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A Message from DIWA International

来自DIWA International的公开信






未来若有任何亚太区营运上的问题,请不吝联络DIWA的亚洲总部 (DIWA Holding Ltd) email: 或

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New DIWA Trainings Manager REC

New Trainer Manager REC, DIWA CD Ralf Haberstroh

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Visit as at the Boot 2018.

The DIWA Booth 3 D 58


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DIWA International

Hier unsere Stand Nr. auf der Boot 2018,

Halle 3 D 58

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